San Francisco Mime Troupe

Experience this Year's Performances in SF and Beyond

The San Francisco Mime Troupe kicks off their 2017 SF performances on July 4 in Dolores Park. This year's show is Walls.

Most performances are free, but they do request a donation after the show. Your donation keeps these shows running.

About the Mime Troupe

This community-based group develops and performs socially and politically relevant shows every summer. Their goal with these free performances is to spread their art and message to as many people as possible.

An important thing to note is that these performances are not pantomimed. They use the original definition for mime, which is "The exaggeration of daily life in story and song."

This means all performances include talking, singing, and dancing to music.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe started more than 50 years ago. They offer these shows every summer between July 4 and Labor Day Weekend.

You will find the troupe performing in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.

About this Year's Show

Walls digs into the controvery surrounging legal and illegal immigration around the US. It gives you two sides of the story: one from an agent working for I.C.E. and the other from an American citizen whose family immigrated here long ago.

L. Mary Jones, the I.C.E. agent, knows how to create fear in everyone around her. She knows how to use it to protect her country. She creates fear in those that are trying to become citizens and in those that are already citizens.

Zaniyah Nahuatl is one of those citizens, legally in the US, that feels unwelcome in her native land. She's lived here all of her life, but now has to worry about being labeled an illegal or a criminal.

How much of herself does she have to give up to fit into today's America? How much fear will she have to endure during that time? The hardest part for her is that she crossed the border to be with the woman she loves, Jones.

2017 Schedule

SF Shows

Dolores Park: Opening Weekend

  • Tuesday, July 4 at 2pm, music starts at 1:30pm
  • 19th Street and Dolores Street in SF's Mission District
  • Admission is free

Yerba Buena Gardens

  • Sunday, July 23 at 2pm, music starts at 1:30pm
  • Mission and 3rd Streets in downtown SF
  • Admission is free

Troupe Studio Space

  • Wednesday, July 26 at 7pm, music at 6:30pm
  • Thursday, July 27 at 7pm, music at 6:30pm
  • 855 Treat Avenue in San Francisco
  • Admission is free, but they suggest a $20 donation
  • Seating is limited and you must RSVP, click here to RSVP

Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, McLaren Park

  • Sunday, July 30 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • Mansell Street and John F. Shelly Drive in SF's Excelsior District
  • Admission is free

Glen Park

  • Saturday, August 12 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • Bosworth and O'Shaughnessy in SF
  • Admission is free

Washington Square Park

  • Sunday, August 13 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • Columbus Avenue and Union Street in SF's North Beach District
  • Admission is free

Bayview Opera House, Outdoor Plaza

  • Thursday, August 31 at 6:30pm, music starts at 6pm
  • 3rd Street and Newcomb Avenue in SF's Bayview/Hunters Point
  • Admission is free

Peacock Meadow in Golden Gate Park

  • Saturday, September 2 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • JFK Drive and Peacock Meadow in SF's Golden Gate Park (between the Panhandle and the Conservatory of Flowers)
  • Admission is free

Dolores Park: Closing Performances

  • Sunday, September 3 at 2pm, music starts at 1:30pm
  • Monday, September 4 at 2pm, music starts at 1:30pm
  • 19th Street and Dolores Street in SF's Mission District
  • Admission is free

Performances Beyond SF

Cedar Rose Park in Berkeley: Bay Area Opening Weekend

  • Saturday, July 1 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • Sunday, July 2 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • Rose and Chestnut Streets in Berkeley
  • Admission is free

Live Oak Park in Berkeley

  • Saturday, July 8 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • Sunday, July 9 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • Shattuck Avenue and Berryman Street in Berkeley
  • Admission is free

Lakeside Park/Lake Merritt in Oakland

  • Wednesday, July 19 at 7pm, music at 6:30pm
  • Thursday, July 20 at 7pm, music at 6:30pm
  • Edoff Memorial Band Stand, at Bellevue and Grand Avenues, on the north side of Lake Merritt in Oakland
  • Admission is free

Nicholl Park in Richmond

  • Saturday, July 22 at 2pm (music at 1:30pm)
  • Macdonald Avenue and 31st Street in Richmond
  • Admission is free

Jack London Squre

  • Saturday, August 5 at 2pm, music at 1:30pm
  • 10 Clay Street
  • Free

Walnut Park, Progressive Festival in Petaluma

  • Sunday, August 6 at 4pm, music at 3:30pm
  • Petaluma Boulevard South and D Street in Petaluma
  • Admission is free

Mill Valley Community Center, on the Back Lawn

  • Thursday, August 24 at 7pm, music at 6:30pm
  • 180 Camino Alto (at East Blithedale) in Mill Valley
  • Admission is free

Frances Willard/Ho Chi Minh Park in Berkeley

  • Saturday, August 26 at 2pm, music starts at 1:30pm
  • Sunday, August 27 at 2pm, music starts at 1:30pm
  • Hillegass Avenue and Derby Street in Berkeley
  • Admission is free

San Lorenzo Park

  • Saturday, September 9 at 3pm (music at 2:30pm)
  • Sunday, September 10 at 3pm (music at 2:30pm)
  • Santa Cruz
  • Free

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