SantaCon SF: Details for the 2021 Event in San Francisco

This year's SantaCon SF is on Saturday, December 11, 2021. You will find this annual event in almost every large city in the US and around the world.

Note: This year's event is not sanctioned by the official SantaCon team. They are concerned about safety in 2021, but some people plan to gather for a casual bar crawl. They will not have their usually drink specials and large crowds, so everything below is from previous events and I'll update it for 2022 once details are confirmed. 

SantaCon is when thousands of people dressed in Santa costumes walk through the streets spreading good cheer.

It's a non-political, non-violent, non-controversial day fueled by fun-loving people, revised Christmas carols and, of course, a few holiday drinks.

People dressed in Santa costumes for Santacon SF

It's free to participate--just put on your Santa costume, follow the walking routes and sing along for fun.

You will also want to bring cash if you plan on enjoying a few holiday cocktails or a bite to eat along the way.

SantaCon Event Details (TBD for 2022)

The Santas behind SantaCon like to keep the details under lock and key until the last minute. They have released information to say that the event will once again start in Union Square at 11:30am. They will also have a toy drive again this year.

  • 11:30am: Drop off your toy for this year's toy drive.. Open until 1:30pm.
  • 12pm: Everyone meets at Union Square at noon on Saturday. Mingle with other Santas and then head out on one of the routes.

Toy Drive (TBD for 2022)

This year, they are also asking that you bring along a new (not used, please) toy for the SFFD toy drive. A truck is set up to gather the donations. This year, they will be collecting them at the Handlery Hotel at 351 Geary St.

Please drop your toy off here before heading to Union Square. The fire truck will collect toys from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Here are a few tips for picking up a toy for the drive:

  • Toys for kids 12 years and younger
  • Most requested items for girls are dolls and arts & crafts kits
  • Most requested items for boys are sports equipment

More Tips to Enjoy SantaCon SF

This event gets a little crazy and I request that you please, please, please be kind and respectful to those around you. This is meant to be a fun way to meet new people and spread some holiday cheer.

They ask that you pay for your drinks and food in cash. The bars will be slammed, so this will make the process much easier for them.

Also be aware that not all bars welcome Santas, so look out for any "No Santas" signs before you enter.

This Year's Participating Bars

You will find dozens of bars with drink specials all day long. You can visit their Facebook page for a list of who is all participating. They will continue to update their list as the date draws near.

You will find a large concentration in Union Square, Nob Hill, and North Beach. There are also quite a few participating in the Castro and the Marina. Most bars are open all day long so you will have plenty of time to hang out and/or catch up with your friends if you want to join in on the fun later.

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