San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

Event Schedule & Other Tips to Attend the 2020 Festival in Japantown

NOTE: On December 6, San Francisco (and a few surrounding counties) will once again be on a stay-at-home order. This will last indefinitely. Click here for more information.

The Japantown neighborhood comes to life in the spring when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. This is also when more than 200,000 people flock to this little district for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

The San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival started in 1967. Since then, it's grown to be one of the largest cherry blossom festivals in the US.

The 2020 festival will be held on two weekends, April 11-12 and April 18 - 19.

This celebration includes traditional music, dance, and other cultural activities.

During the festival, you can sample a variety of Japanese and Japanese-American culinary treats. These include popular dishes such as fresh sushi, tempura, and chicken or beef teriyaki.

Another highlight of this SF event is the Grand Parade. This year it will be on Sunday, April 21, starting at City Hall around 1pm on Polk Street near McAllister. The parade then follows Polk Street north to Post Street and turns left toward Japantown.

sf peace pagoda

The parade concludes in Japantown near the Peace Plaza on Post Street at 3pm. Here is a map showing the typical parade route.

cherry blossom parade route

Most of the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival events are held on Post Street between Laguna and Fillmore Streets.

Events at the 2020 Festival

Taiko Drum Performances

This is one my favorite things to see each year at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

The taiko drum was originally used as a way to ward off evil spirits and pests from harming the crops. Over the years, it was used less frequently in the Japanese culture and this art faded away.

However, in recent years, taiko drum enthusiasts began a revival effort and now it's performed in Japanese cultures throughout the world.

Here are a few pictures of them in action.

taiko dojo

taiko dojo in sf

cherry blossom taiko dojo

Chanoyu - The Tea Ceremony

Another traditional Japanese art is the Tea Ceremony. Throughout the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, you'll get the chance to watch and learn more about this well-known Japanese ceremony.

Japanese Music and Dance

Another highlight of the festival is the traditional Japanese music and dance. You will get the chance to listen to the music from a koto, or Japanese harp. This is one of the most popular Japanese musical instruments.

You also get the chance to see minyo, a traditional Japanese folk dance and song that has been handed down from generation to generation and has evolved over the years.

They usually have several performances both weekends.

Sanrio Kids Corner

Every year, there is also a special game and craft area for kids. The Sanrio Kids Corner features Hello Kitty and her friends.

saniro corner

Some of the games here in past years have included the Hello Kitty Spin & Win and Characters Sand Painting. Usually there is an extra charge for this, around $10 per child.

Schedule of Events on the Main Stage (2019 Dates)

Below you will find the schedule for the first weekend on the Peace Plaza Stage. This is where many of the largest performances are held and they are very popular.

  • Saturday, April 13, 2019 (TBD for 2020)
    • 11:30am: San Francisco Taiko Dojo
    • 12:30pm: Opening Ceremony
    • 1:00pm: Michiya Hanayagi and Michisuya Hanayagi Kai
    • 1:30pm: Nihon Buyo Kiyonomoto
    • 2:00pm: Clarendon JBBP Tsuzumi After School Class
    • 2:45pm: Hakata Kai
    • 3:15pm: Essence with Masayuki Koga
    • 3:45pm: Northern California Naginata
    • 4:15pm: Sakura Minyo Doo Koo Kai
    • 4:45pm: Oshiro Karate
    • 5:15pm: World Oyama Karate
    • 5:45pm: SF Nipponto Society

  • Sunday, April 14, 2019 (TBD for 2020)
    • 12:00pm: San Francisco Taiko Dojo
    • 1:00pm: 2019 Queen & Court Introductions
    • 1:30pm: Yamasho Kai
    • 2:00pm: Soko Joshi Dojo
    • 2:30pm: Ensohza Minyoshu
    • 3:00pm: Shigin
    • 3:30pm: El Cerrito High School Japanese Club
    • 3:45pm: San Francisco Wushu Team
    • 4:15pm: Suio Ryu Iai Kenpo
    • 4:45pm: Kendama USA

Here is the 2019 schedule for the Peace Plaza Stage for the second weekend (April 20 & 21):

  • Saturday, April 20, 2019 (TBD for 2020)
    • 12:00pm: San Francisco Taiko Dojo and Grass Valley Taiko
    • 1:00pm: Rosa Parks Elementary School
    • 1:30pm: Tsuzumi Challenge by Willow Creek Academy
    • 1:45pm: Zanshin Dojo
    • 2:15pm: Japan Groups (La Sakura Ladies, WAWAWA Kimono Kitsuke Mai, Bakamen Odori)
    • 3:15pm: SF Okinawa Kenjin Kai
    • 3:45pm: Yosakoi (Ito Yosakoi, Kansas Sate Tasumaki Yosakoi, Uzumaru, Pikes Peak Yosokoi, Yosakoi Dance Project 10Tacomai)
    • 5:45pm: Eden Aoba Taiko

  • Sunday, April 21, 2019 (TBD for 2020)
    • 11:00am: San Francisco Kendo Dojo
    • 12:00pm: Enshin Karate
    • 12:30pm: Shorinji Kempo
    • 1pm to 3:30pm: No Performances, Parade
    • 3:30pm: Bachido Ensemble
    • 3:45pm: SF Awakko Ren
    • 4:00pm: Anime Dream Show - Heros vs Villains
    • 4:45pm: Sakura Ren
    • 5:15pm: NCCBF Raffle Drawing

You will find dozens of other performances at this year's event. Visit the official Cherry Blossom site for a full schedule of events.

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