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San Francisco Theater & Best of Broadway

Calendar of San Francisco Shows for 2017 & 2018

The San Francisco theater has hundreds of shows every year. With more than a dozen theaters in SF, you will find a wide variety of shows from dramas to comedies.

You can choose to see a performance at one of the larger theaters such as the Orpheum with popular shows such as Aladdin, The Book of Mormon, and The Color Purple. You can also catch a show in a smaller, more intimate theater, such as the SF Playhouse in Union Square.

Top San Francisco Broadway Shows

A Christmas Story
School of Rock
A Christmas
of Rock
On your feet Book of Mormon Color Purple
On Your

The Book of

The Color

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  • 11/11 - 12/10: 42nd Street at the Alcazar Theatre, Full price $35-$100, Goldstar $17.50-$65*

  • 12/1 - 12/24: A Christmas Carol at the ACT, Full price $15-$75, Goldstar $12-$45*

  • 12/1 - 1/7: Avenue Q at the New Conservatory Theatre, Full price $35-$55, Goldstar $26.25-$41.25*

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Tickets to Top Upcoming San Francisco Shows

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Event Calendars by Month

Are you looking for additional events during your stay in San Francisco? Click the links below for the full event calendars for each month.

Event Calendars
January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December

San Francisco Broadway & Other Shows by Month

Click on the links below for more information about each San Francisco Broadway theater performance and other shows including ticketing information.

November 2017

11/1 - 1/7: Disney's Aladdin at the Orpheum

9/26 - 11/11: Barbecue at the SF Playhouse

11/22 - 1/13: A Christmas Story at the SF Playhouse

December 2017

11/1 - 1/7: Disney's Aladdin at the Orpheum

11/22 - 1/13: A Christmas Story at the SF Playhouse

12/1 - 1/7: Avenue Q at the New Conservatory Theater

12/1 - 12/24: A Christmas Carol at the American Conservatory Theater

12/1 - 12/24: A Noh Christmas Carol at the Yugen

January 2018

11/1 - 1/7: Disney's Aladdin at the Orpheum

11/22 - 1/13: A Christmas Story at the SF Playhouse

12/1 - 1/7: Avenue Q at the New Conservatory Theater

1/23 - 3/10: Born Yesterday at the SF Playhouse

February 2018

2/6 - 3/4: The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum

1/23 - 3/10: Born Yesterday at the SF Playhouse

March 2018

2/6 - 3/4: The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum

1/23 - 3/10: Born Yesterday at the SF Playhouse

3/20 - 4/28: The Effect at the SF Playhouse

April 2018

3/20 - 4/28: The Effect at the SF Playhouse

May 2018

5/1 - 5/27: The Color Purple at the Orpheum

5/8 - 6/23: An Entomologist's Love Story at the SF Playhouse

June 2018

6/5 - 6/17: The Humans at the Orpehum

6/27 - 7/22: School of Rock at the Orpheum

5/8 - 6/23: An Entomologist's Love Story at the SF Playhouse

July 2018

6/27 - 7/22: School of Rock at the Orpheum

7/5 - 9/8: Sunday in the Park with George at the SF Playhouse

August 2018

7/5 - 9/8: Sunday in the Park with George at the SF Playhouse

September 2018

9/11 - 10/7: On Your Feet at the Golden Gate Theatre

7/5 - 9/8: Sunday in the Park with George at the SF Playhouse

October 2018

9/11 - 10/7: On Your Feet at the Golden Gate Theatre

10/15 - 11/11: Waitress at the Golden Gate Theatre

November 2018

10/15 - 11/11: Waitress at the Golden Gate Theatre

11/22 - 1/13: A Christmas Story at the SF Playhouse

Additional SF & Bay Area Shows

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Top San Francisco Live Theater Performances: Details

The following list of San Francisco theater performances including top Broadway hits such as The Lion King, Hamilton, and Wicked.

Disney's Aladdin

AladdinDates: November 1 - January 7, 2018

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: Find them on

Sold Out Dates:

The producer of the Lion King has rubbed the lamp three times and made a wish just for you in this incredible show stopper. Based on the hit Disney movie of the same name, this stage production includes music developed specifically for it as well as the other well known songs.

This classic Middle Eastern folk tale is about a young man who is barely able to survive on the streets who finds a magical lamp. Our hero's journey includes trying to save the lovely princess Jasmine, while having to defeat the evil Grand Vizier, Jafar. This show will take you on a flying carpet's ride of pure fun and joy.

The Book of Mormon

The Book of MormonDates: February 6 - March 4, 2018

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: All dates available on Ticketmaster

The duo of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, of South Park fame, The Book of Mormon focuses on the misadventures of two missionaries who go to Africa and try to teach the word of God to the local people.

This show is about how they try to use pretty much any way possible to get the word to people who have much more important matters to deal with each day of their lives. Not just a comedy, this show also has fun music and dance routines all while questioning their own beliefs and trying to create a better world for all.

The Color Purple

Color PurpleDates: May 1 - May 27, 2018

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: On sale soon

Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Alice Walker, this show has become a hit that you will not want to miss. Based around the main character, Celie, and her youngster sister, Nettie. Celie has a long journey, as does Nettie, as they find their way to love.

They have a long and tough journey as they live their lives and have to deal with many set backs along the way, but always fight to do the right thing and make sure that no one will stop them from the dreams. The acting, the music, the sets and the story will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole show.

The Humans

HumansDates: June 5 - 17

Location: Orpheum Theater

Tickets: On sale soon

The first national tour of the 2016 Tony Award Winner for Best Play is coming to San Francisco from June 5th to June 17th. This play chronicles a family's hilarious, emotional and sometimes heartbreaking Thanksgiving dinner in Lower Manhattan, NYC.

As the family dines, and discusses life, everything is laid bare and everyone is seen for their anxities and also with their dreams and aspirations at the same time. The team behind this magical presentation have won many Tony Awards through their careers and this is bound to be a dinner you'll never forget!

School of Rock

School of RockDates: June 27 - July 22, 2018

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: On sale soon

The life of Dewey Finn isn't going great. He's a down on his luck singer and rocker. Since he can't get any work, he decides to impersonate a school teacher and help the students win a 5th grade Battle of the Bands contest.

This show has all the rock and roll you can imagine, but also has sweetness, caring and redemption for Dewey as he learns how to support and helps his kids be the best they can be. Get ready to cheer, rock out and clap as these kids, and Dewey win the battle and your hearts as they perform.

On Your Feet

On Your FeetDates: September 11 - October 7, 2018

Location: Golden Gate Theatre

Tickets: On sale soon

The story of the 26 time Grammy Award winning team of Emilio and Gloria Estafan will make sure the rhythm is gonna get you. Starting with their lives in Cuba, they move to the USA and break all barriers in music and become one of the most famous crossover groups of all time.

This show includes all of their biggest hits and also the drama of two people who move to a foreign country, deal with all types of obstacles, and overcome them as they continue to succeed and not let setbacks bring them down. Trust me, if you see this show, you will be On Your Feet during the show.


WaitressDates: October 15 - November 11, 2018

Location: Golden Gate Theatre

Tickets: On sale soon

This is one hot story and the cooking starts immediately as Jenna, the waitress and pie expert, bakes up a lot of trouble in her life. Jenna is in a loveless marriage and dreams of leaving Earl, however she finds out she is pregnant and tries to find a way out. She falls in love with her doctor and they have an affair.

As Jenna sees that others around her are making their own mistakes with their romantic choices. As Jenna moves along with her pregnancy, she figures out what she truly wants in her life and how to achieve it. The songs, the stage sets and the acting of this show is truly delicious and you'll be glad you stopped in and took a bite of this wonderful musical.

Other San Francisco Theater Productions

The following San Francisco theater shows are on smaller stages throughout the city.


BarbecueDates: September 26 - November 11, 2017

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale at a discount on Goldstar

A family about to have an intervention for a drug addicted sister, Barbara, doesn't sound like a fun day at the theater, but it is. Being that the rest of the family loves to party, they've decided to do the invention, and save Barbara from herself, at a barbecue.

If you are thinking this might be a disaster you are right. The barbecue breaks down in to the whole family's problems, the problems with race, poverty and the American family with comedy and sensitivity.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas StoryDates: November 22 - January 13

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale soon

A hilarious stage adaptation of the movie, A Christmas Story, where nine year old Ralphie dreams of a Red Rider Air Rifle. Sadly, his parents, and almost everyone else in the world, seem to believe that, "You'll shoot your eye out if you get one!"

If you've seen the movie you'll know all about the Triple Dog Dare, Ralpie's dad's comical leg lamp, and the tough guys that Ralphie and his crew have to deal with during Christmas season. A Christmas Story was nominated for 3 Tony Awards in 2013 and you will be sure to love it and it will make your Christmas one to remember!

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas CarolDates: 12/1 - 12/24

Location: American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.)

Discounted Tickets: Available for most shows on Goldstar

This all-time Victorian era classic is a must see for anyone who wants to enjoy this holiday season and feel the hope that it brings to all. The story starts with the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge being visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley. Scrooge also meets the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future and learns that unless he changes his ways, he will end up lonely, sad, and hopeless.

As the story goes, the now famous character and Scrooge meet during his travels and Bob Cratchit. Bad happenings befall the Cratchit family and Scrooget has to decide whether he wants to be a curmudgeon or change and be a hopeful, loving and generous man. I'll leave it to you to find out the choice he makes, but you will want to see for yourself.

Avenue Q

Avenue QDates: 12/1 - 1/7

Location: New Conservatory Theater

Discounted Tickets: Available for certain shows on Goldstar

The 5th Anniversary tour of this hilarious stage show runs for just over a month to end the year and start the new one. Avenue Q is famous for the use of puppets, who are quite naughty and outrageous. Based on today's world, and the issues of becoming an adult, the characters have to deal with the fact that everything they learned watching shows like Seasame Street aren't really applicable. They aren't magical people who live in a world where anything is possible since, in reality, they are just people like you and me.

This show is a total farce and the name Avenue Q comes from the story about the real life actor Gary Coleman, and how he sued his parents for stealing his savings from the tv show, Diff'rent Strokes. Starting from that premise, the show becomes more absurd, if that wasn't enough. Using eleven puppets, and three live actors, this musical melds the world of youth and adulthood in a way that no show ever has before.

A Noh Christmas Carol

A Noh ChristmasDates: 12/1 - 12/24

Location: Theater of Yugen

Tickets: On sale on Goldstar at a discount

If you have never experience the classic Japanese theatre form known as Noh, you are in for A Christmas Carol show like you've never seen before. Noh has been described as a metaphor or a simile for what is happening on stage and each movement has a special meaning of it's own.

This adaptation of Dicken's classic is based in Japan, during the 19th century, where the wealthy Ebezo receives a visit from the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-To-Come. He is shown that if he doesn't change his ways, he will end up haunting this world as a hungry and lonely ghost. Come and see if the old miserly Ebezo ends up stuck as a ghost for all eternity or if he changes his ways and becomes a man full of joy and compassion.

Born Yesterday

Born YesterdayDates: January 23 - March 10, 2018

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale soon

Harry, a mean-spirited billionaire, travels to Washington, D.C., to bribe a senator and enrich his own interests, and things go wildly awry. Being that his fiancee, Billie, is a showgirl, he hires a reporter to make her look more "presentable" to the public.

When Billie finds out about Harry's deviousness, she decides to take matters into her own hands. A very timely view of today's world, in regards to politics, power, and the strength of women to change the world is a show with class, elegance, and humor.

The Effect

The EffectDates: March 20 - April 28

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale soon

Is it love or just a medically induced side effect of a new medication that Connie and Tristan have been taking? That is the question that Connie and Tristan want to know and so does the audience. We all want to believe that we fall in love out of our own desires, but if we are in a medical trial for a new drug, do we have free will or are we just an experiment for someone else?

This play takes a look at our cultures pension for popping pills to cure everything, and also the possibly that it creates an unintended side effect with humor and comedy.

An Entomologist's Love Story

An EntomologistsDates: May 8 - June 23, 2018

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale soon

Everyone loves a romance and An Entomologist's Love Story is no exception. However, this is a love story with a twist. Two entomologists, who are working at the Museum of Natural History researching the mating rituals of bugs, fall into a relationship together. As would be expected, this show examines the silly side of love in a fun and exciting drama.

Sunday in the Park with George

Sunday in the ParkDates: July 5 - September 8, 2018

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale soon

The famous artist, George Seurat, is torn between his art and his lover, Dot. He has just finished his masterpiece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, and is unsure of himself and his choice.

The relationship, both with Dot and his paintings, is convoluted and difficult which makes this show so entertaining and interesting. The show has won the Pulitzer Prize and was nominated for 10 Tony Awards including best musical.

Ongoing Theater Performances

Beach Blanket Babylon

beach blanketAll shows are 21+ unless noted.

Learn More: Beach Blanket FAQs and Ticketing Details

Buy Tickets: Buy Your Tickets Today on Viator

Join the cast of Beach Blanket Babylon for a crazy and zany evening of song, dance and pop culture comedy. Every night in North Beach, you get the chance to catch a performance of this long running musical comedy.

It's one of the best live theater shows in San Francisco and runs all year long.

> SF Theater

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