San Francisco Theater & Best of Broadway: Calendar of San Francisco Shows for 2024

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Updated: February 29, 2024

The San Francisco theater scene offers hundreds of shows every year including musicals, plays, and traveling Broadway performances. With more than a dozen theaters in SF, you will find a wide variety of productions from dramas to comedies.

You can choose to see a performance at one of the larger theaters with popular shows such as "Hamilton," "Les Miserables," and "Come from Away." You can also catch a show in a smaller, more intimate theater, such as the SF Playhouse in Union Square.

San Francisco Orpheum Theater

You will find the shows traveling from Broadway to SF on stage at the Orpheum Theatre, the Golden Gate Theatre, and some at the Curran. These shows bring along their sets and actors and are higher priced performances. They are similar to the set up you would see in New York.

The other theaters on my calendar also offer some well-known performances with smaller sets, actors sourced specifically for those runs, and less expensive ticket prices. They offer world premiers, pre-Broadway shows, locally written pieces, and many other world class performances.

Did you know? "Wicked" started its run in San Francisco before it opened on Broadway in NY. The first performances were at the Curran Theatre in 2003.

Disclaimer: I receive a small commission from some of the links on this page.

Top San Francisco Broadway Musicals & Plays

The following list of San Francisco theater performances includes top Broadway musicals and plays such as "My Fair Lady," "Wicked," "Jesus Christ Superstar," and "Lion King."

Funny Girl

Funny Girl Musical

Dates: 4/30/24 - 5/26/24

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: TicketmasterTicketNetwork

Fans of musical theater and comedy surely know this one—the original 1964 play starred Barbra Streisand—and are going to love this new 2022 revival.

Enjoy the classic songs including "Don't Rain on My Parade," "I'm the Greatest Star," and "People" as you follow Fanny Brice's unlikely rise to stardom from her modest beginnings where very few believed in her dream to shine on stage. 

The bittersweet story makes for an inspiring evening about perseverance and an entertaining night at the theater. 


Company Musical

Dates: 6/5/24 - 6/29/24

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: TicketmasterTicketNetwork

What's the right way to live in this society? Another Tony Award-winning revival of a musical, this production of Company will not only get you thinking about the big questions we ask ourselves in life, but it will have you out of your seat laughing. 

In the 1970 version, it was Bobby the bachelor. Now, it's 21st-century Bobbie who seeks good company to celebrate her 35th birthday as she searches for answers about finding the right partner, settling down, and having a family at her age in this modern world.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Doubtfire Musical

Dates: 7/2/24 - 7/28/24

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: TicketmasterTicketNetwork

Based on the beloved movie Mrs. Doubtfire, this new family musical comedy brings to the stage the hilariously entertaining and heartwarming story of a man who will do anything for his children.

Mrs. Doubtfire—the elderly Scottish woman who walks into the lives of three kids and their recently divorced mom, winning their hearts as their favorite nanny—is actually Daniel Hillard, the recently divorced father (and unemployed actor) who was desperate to find a way back in.

Are his skirts, hair and makeup enough to keep up the act?

Girl from the North Country

Girl North Country Musical

Dates: 7/30/24 - 8/18/24

Location: Golden Gate Theatre

Tickets: TicketNetwork

This unique musical experience takes you on a journey to a 1930s guesthouse in Duluth, Minnesota, where a group of misfit travelers find themselves sharing moments of music, life, and hope.

The celebrated new musical brings to life, in a completely original way, 20 classic Bob Dylan songs, including "Like a Rolling Stone," "Forever Young," "All Along the Watchtower," and more. 


Wicked Musical

Dates: 8/28/24 - 10/13/24

Location: Orpheum Theatre

San Francisco's most popular musical is coming back to anchor the 2024 fall season.

Wicked is a Broadway sensation that has charmed audiences with its unique perspective on how the "good" and the "bad" witches of the Land of Oz came to be, long before Dorothy walked in.

It is an enchanting tale about power, resilience, and how the way we treat others really matters.

Kimberly Akimbo

Kimberly Akimbo

Dates: 11/5/24 - 12/1/24

Location: Curran Theater

This new musical has won five Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

It is a funny and touching coming-of-age story that will capture your heart as you watch Kim, about to turn 16, face a myriad of obstacles in her new suburban town in New Jersey.

Kim faces family dysfunction, a rare genetic condition, her first crush, and so much more while determined to find happiness. 



Dates: 11/27/24 - 1/5/25

Location: Orpheum Theatre

The groundbreaking musical Hamilton is back! Don't miss this award-winning play that has taken the nation by storm.

Based on the biography of US founding father Alexander Hamilton, it is a story of honor, love, and legacy told through a clever and catchy score that combines hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and Broadway.

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot

Dates: 1/7/25 - 1/26/25

Location: Orpheum Theatre

This award-winning musical will take you back to the Prohibition days with big music and a razzle-dazzle atmosphere.

The story revolves around two Chicago musicians on the run from the Windy City after witnessing a mob hit. With gangsters after them, they embark on an exciting, life-changing journey across the country on train.

The costumes and choreography of this spectacular musical are not to be missed!

Back to the Future: The Musical

Back to the Future Musical

Dates: 2/12/25 - 3/9/25

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Get ready, this iconic and beloved film has now been adapted for the stage! 

In this familiar science fiction tale, a time machine transports Marty McFly back to 1955, where he will accidentally change the course of history.

Now an exciting musical, you'll have a blast as you watch him race against time to set things straight. You'll also enjoy hit songs from the movie, including "The Power of Love," "Johnny B. Goode," and "Back in Time."


Parade Musical

Dates: 5/13/25 - 6/8/25

Location: Curran Theater

In 2023, this riveting play won the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical, and the tale is indeed timeless.

In this beautiful rendition, Parade brings to life the struggles of a young Jewish couple in a Georgia community. When the husband is accused of an unthinkable crime, the couple's faith is tested.

Let yourself be swept up in the scenes of love, justice, devotion, and humanity that make this musical so memorable.  

A Beautiful Noise: The Niel Diamond Musical

A Beautiful Noise Musical

Dates: 6/3/25 - 6/22/25

Location: Golden Gate Theatre

Don't miss your chance to see the untold true story of how Niel Diamond went from Brooklyn kid to American icon.

This musical memoir was created in collaboration with Niel Diamond himself, resulting in a beautifully uplifting and upbeat experience set to the tunes that made him a rockstar.

You can't help but feel inspired  as you watch this young man's career take off, from hit after hit to sold-out shows, Grammys and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

& Juliet

& Juliet Musical

Dates: 7/1/25 - 7/27/25

Location: Orpheum Theatre

Have you ever wondered what would have become of Juliet had she not ended it all for Romeo? This smart and hilarious musical takes you on that journey.

Enjoy this fun, new take on a classic love story, brought to life with modern pop hits, including "Since U Been Gone," "Roar," and "Can't Stop the Feeling," just to name a few. 

Come find out what Juliet does with her second chance at life and love.

Additional San Francisco Theater Performances

Big Data

Dates: 2/15 - 3/10

Location: Toni Rembe Theater

Sam and Lucy are facing the anxiety and loneliness of this modern age in which our smart devices seem to know us better than anyone else. Then their parents make a shocking announcement that forces their family to confront reality in a new light. 

Tony Award winner Pam MacKinnon directs this revolutionary play about attention and connection. It was written by Kate Attwell and inspired by her experience at "The Glass Room," the SF pop-up exhibit that got visitors to question big data and their online lives in this digital world. 

Unpacking in P'Town

Dates: 3/1 - 3/31

Location: New Conservatory Theatre Centre

In this play, a group of friends who come together every year in Provincetown to dance, drink, and reminisce find themselves facing heavier challenges this year. It's 1959, and the Civil Rights Movement is looming large. 

Watch this chosen family of wayward performers bring to stage a celebration of queer artists of color who break out from hiding and inspire others to do so.

The 39 Steps

Dates: 3/7 - 4/20

Location: SF Playhouse

Get ready for a night of entertainment with this comedy-mystery adapted from Alfred Hitchcock's film "The 39 Steps." It's about an ordinary Canadian tourist in London who suddenly gets caught up with an international spy ring.

This award-winning adaptation features four actors playing dozens of roles, including inanimate objects! It has been performed in over 40 countries. 

Kristina Wong, Sweatshop Overlord

Dates: 3/30 - 5/5

Location: Strand Theater

San Francisco native Kristina Wong wrote and performs this award-winning comedy about her homegrown response to the U.S. health care crisis in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic: a multi-generation "sweatshop" of Chinese-American women, including children and her own mother, who voluntarily banded together (remotely) to sew masks. 

Kristina's telling of this heartening quarantine story and the Auntie Sewing Squad will have you laughing out loud. The play is a Pulitzer finalist, and has won awards from Drama Desk, Lucille Lortel, and Outer Critics for Outstanding Solo Show. 

The Tutor

Dates: 4/5 - 5/12

Location: New Conservatory Theatre Centre

This story of intimate intrigue features an unexpected couple: Baran, raised in Iran and now living in the Bay Area with her new husband, and Azar, Baran's tutor, whom her husband had commissioned to help his wife adjust to life in the US.

Watch the affair emerge between these two women as it threatens the life they are familiar with. You can't help but be drawn in by award-winning playwright Torange Yeghiazarian, who is credited for bringing Middle Eastern-American issues to the stage. 

The Glass Menagerie

Dates: 5/2 - 6/15

Location: SF Playhouse

This classic by American playwright Tennessee Williams is both heartbreaking and funny. Set during the Great Depression, Amanda Wingfield finds herself living in a cramped apartment with her two desperate children and no husband.

The son, Tom, distracts himself with alcohol, movies, and writing, while the daughter, Laura, finds comfort in a collection of glass animals. There is hope when a gentleman caller appears, but will he really help improve the situation?

tick, tick... BOOM!

Dates: 5/10 - 6/9

Location: New Conservatory Theatre Centre

This moving musical is a semi-autobiographical work from Jonathan Larson, the author of the Broadway hit Rent, which was recently adapted for film by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Audiences find the protagonist, a composer, on the eve of his 30th birthday, feeling the clock tick as he struggles to write the next big musical. While his loved ones move on to new places and new careers, Jon questions his choice to follow his dreams of success in the theater world.

The Lehman Trilogy

Dates: 5/25 - 6/23

Location: Toni Rembe Theater

An epic story told in three parts on a single evening. A cast of three, playing the Lehman brothers, their sons, and their grandsons, who formed one of the world's largest investment banks for over a century and a half, until it infamously went bankrupt, triggering the largest financial crisis in history.

From three brothers from Bavaria dreaming of their American future on a cold September morning in 1844, to the firm's spectacular 21st century collapse, The Lehman Trilogy is a masterpiece. It comes to San Francisco with five Tony Awards, after sold-out seasons in London and a successful run on Broadway. 


Dates: 6/27 -  9/7

Location: SF Playhouse

In this seven-time Tony Award winning musical with outstanding music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, audiences fall in love with a poor girl named Eva Duarte on her journey to becoming an actress and then the beloved and powerful Evita Peron, wife of Argentina's military leader-turned-president. 

The story takes place in Argentina during the 1930s and 40s, where Eva rose to stardom before her untimely death at 33.

More Theater Performances Around the SF Bay Area

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