Holiday Schedules for SF's Top Attractions 2021

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Updated: November 4, 2021

Many of San Francisco's attractions remain open throughout the year. The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street and the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square are three major attractions that stay open all year long. 

Alcatraz Island, the California Academy of Sciences and several other SF museums close on major holidays. 

If you plan on visiting during the holidays, use this helpful guide to determine which attractions you can see each day.

Fourth of July 2021

Many attractions are open on Fourth of July. Check out the chart below for more details.

>> Click here for a complete list of all activities and events on Fourth of July.

Thanksgiving Day 2021 Schedules

Many attractions also close on Thanksgiving Day. You will also find a few of them closing early the night before. All attractions return to their normal schedule the day after Thanksgiving.

Use this information below to help you plan out your stay during Thanksgiving.

Wednesday Night Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

If you are planning on staying all weekend, use my helpful Thanksgiving Day guide for additional ideas on the top things to do.

Christmas Eve & Day 2019 Schedules

The majority of the big attractions close on Christmas Day. A few also close early on Christmas Eve. 

However, you will find a few fun things to do on Christmas Day such as shopping on Pier 39, seeing the plants and flowers at the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park and strolling around the Mission to see its famed murals.

This the information below to help you easily plan out your trip to SF during the Christmas season.

Christmas Eve 2021

Christmas Day

While there are only a handful of activities on Christmas Day, there are plenty of places open for brunch, lunch and dinner. You will also find a few special activities planned on Christmas Eve. Use my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day guide to learn more

New Year's Eve & Day Schedules 2021 & 2022

Many attractions run a standard schedule on New Year's Eve and just a few close early. You will also find several attractions closed on New Year's Day. Use the information below to help you plan out your visit during this popular holiday.

New Year's Eve 2021

New Year's Day 2022

Are you interested in finding additional activities for New Year's? If so, then visit my New Year's Eve and Day guide. It includes several top activities planned throughout the holiday season.

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