San Francisco Word Search Printables for Adults

Enjoy these San Francisco Word Search printables for adults. Each one is based on a theme related to the City by the Bay including attractions, sports, and neighborhoods. You will also find puzzles for nearby attractions including Napa Valley and Monterey.

These downloadable games are available for you instantly. Simply add them to your cart, pay, and you can download it right away.

San Francisco Word Search Printables for Adults

You will find both individual puzzles and books. This way you can see what you like and decide how many you want to enjoy.

I've also included a couple of freebies, so you can test them out before you buy.

Read on for more details! 

Word Search Books

These two word search books offer words related to San Francisco. Some are generic, such as ocean or park. However, most are very specific such as Alcatraz, Lombard Street, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

Each book includes the puzzles and the answers in the back. Both are downloadable and printable, so you can test your skills a second or third time too!

Book of 10

Word Search book of 10 Graphic


Book of 5 

Word Search Book of 5 Graphic


Multiple Games

Multiple Games


Individual Word Search Puzzles

These individual word search puzzles are from the Book of 10 above. If you prefer to buy them separately, by theme, then scroll down to find the ones that interest you. 

I've also included two free, generic puzzles, so you can test them out before you buy! 

FREE WORD SEARCH PAGES: Simply add them to your cart, enter your information, and you will then be taken to the page to download these free San Francisco word search printables for adults.

SF Movies & TV

Movies & TV Word Search


Generic - FREE

Free Word Search Graphic


Free Button

SF Districts

SF Neighborhoods Word Search


SF Attractions

Attractions Word Search


SF Museums

SF Museums Word Search


Generic - FREE

Free Word Search About SF


Free button

Hidden Gems

Word Search Hidden Gems


Free SF Activities

Word Search Free SF Activities


Beyond SF

Word Search About Beyond SF


Napa & Sonoma

Napa & Sonoma Word Search


SF Bay Area Sports

SF Bay Area Sports Word Search


Monterey Bay Area

Monterey Bay Word Search


Enjoy and let me know if there are any other themes you would like to see added! I would love to get your thoughts and reviews on my word searches. These are some of my favorite puzzles, so am interested to get your feedback. I hope you have a great time with them!

San Francisco Printable Word Searches for Adults

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