Lombard Street San Francisco

Tips to Visit the Famous SF Crooked Street

Lombard Street San Francisco is one of the most crooked streets in the city. This one block stretch between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets includes eight tight turns.

lombard street
This is a view from the top of Lombard at Hyde Street

How did it get this way? In the 1920s, many residents on the street were interested in buying cars. The problem was they couldn't drive down such a steep hill (27% grade). One of the residents had the idea to decrease the grade by creating turns in the road.

cars on steep lombard
Cars coming down the steep hill

When it originally opened, cars could drive both ways on the crooked road. This created some challenges, so they eventually turned it into a one way heading east.

A visit to this San Francisco crooked street is quick. The only thing to do here is either walk or drive down this steep hill. However, it is easy to get to and is close to several other San Francisco attractions.

sf lombard street
A look back up the hill at cars slowly making their way down

Both driving down and walking give you a great sense of the tight turns on it. For those walking down the hill, there is a set of stairs on both sides, so you can easily make your way down on foot.

For those driving, you will probably have to wait in line for your turn. I recommend heading over early in the morning or during the day on a weekday. It gets really crowded on the weekends, so plan on waiting in line for a while if this is your only option.

lombard leavenworth
This is from the bottom of the hill on Leavenworth Street

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Ways to Visit

Cable Car from Union Square or Fishermans Wharf

california cable carA fun way to get over to the crooked Lombard Street is by taking a cable car. The Powell/Hyde line drops you at the top on Hyde Street. You can then explore it and hop back on to head to your next adventure. With the San Francisco CityPass, you get unlimited rides on the cable cars for seven days. This saves you both money and the hassle of always looking for change.

Learn More: CityPass

GPS-guided Talking Tour Cars

guided gps tour of san franciscoAre you interested in driving down it? How about in a GPS guided talking tour car? You will see these cute, yellow two seaters all over San Francisco. It's pre-programmed to show you where each attraction is and how to get there. The great part is that it also takes you to Lombard Street where you can get a feel for what it's like to drive down one of the most crooked roads in San Francisco.

Learn More: Additional Details & Booking Info

Other Ways to Get Here

From Fishermans Wharf: The western side of Fishermans Wharf is just a few blocks from Lombard Street San Francisco. In addition to taking the cable car, you can also walk.

  • san francisco lombard streetWalk: If you decide to walk, your best option is to take either North Point or Bay to Leavenworth. This gets you to the bottom of Lombard -- but its an easier walk than the steep hill on Hyde from the bay. When you arrive, you can then take the steps up Lombard to see the beautiful views at the top.

From Union Square: If you are staying in Union Square, you can also either take the cable car, a taxi or the bus.

  • Bus: There are a few buses that get you within a couple of blocks of Lombard. Your first option is the 30 Stockton. Take this through North Beach to the Columbus and Lombard stop. You can also take the 45 Union bus. Get off at the Union and Leavenworth stop and walk up Leavenworth to Lombard. Both will take you about 20 to 25 minutes.

  • Taxi: You can also take a taxi over to Lombard from Union Square. This takes about 10 minutes and will cost around $10 to $15. You can then head down to North Beach to pick up another taxi for your return trip.

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