Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

What to Expect When Visiting This Famous Chinatown Attraction

The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is a common stop for those visiting Chinatown in San Francisco. It is one of the few places where you can see for yourself how fortune cookies are made.

With a name that includes the word factory, you might think it's a large operation. It's not. In fact, you could easily walk by without even noticing it.

On my most recent visit to Chinatown San Francisco, I stopped by for a quick visit. Even though it's a working factory, they warmly welcome visitors.

golden gate fortune cookie factory

You'll find the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory off the beaten path at 56 Ross Alley. It's surrounded by apartments and just a few other local businesses.

When I first walked up to the front door, I wasn't sure if they would let me take a sneak peek. However, there was a nice gentleman sitting right inside the front door and he welcomed me in for a visit.

The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory started making cookies here in 1962. Today, they distribute their cookies not only in Chinatown San Francisco, but throughout the world.

Did you know that the fortune cookie originated in the US? Until the early 1990s, you would not find fortune cookies in China or within the Chinese culture.

The minute you step through the door, you will be greeted by barrels of fortune cookies. You will also see everyone hard at work on these yummy treats.

Here's just one of the photos I took from the inside of the factory.

inside golden fortune cookie factory

As you can see, the factory is quite small. This allows you to get an up close look at everything that goes on here.

My visit was short - only around 10 minutes - but it was a fun stop. On my way out, the guy at the front door gave me a parting gift.

fortune cookie

This is how the cookie looks before they add the fortune.

My cookie was still little warm when he handed it to me - so after I took this picture - I quickly ate it in just a couple of bites. I have to say it was one of the best fortune cookies I've ever had - well - minus the fortune.

If you have a few minutes during your visit to Chinatown in San Francisco, I recommend stopping by the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. It's a really quick stop, but a fun experience.

They are open every day from 9am to 7pm. It's at 56 Ross Alley - just off Jackson Street.

map of golden gate fortune cookie factory

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