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Need help with public transportation information

by Regina Van Auken
(Oakdale, Ca.)

Hi Jill, I am planning a trip to San Francisco for Valentine's day with my boyfriend. I am traveling by car from San Jose. I have been to the City many times but I have never taken the city bus. I am hoping to park my car in the hotel parking lot I am staying and take the city bus to my destinations. I would like to know what bus do I take from Crissy Park/Golden Gate Bridge (Marina Area) to Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39 area? I think I recall bus #30 as a way from the wharf to the Marina...would that be the same both directions? I would appreciate your help. I love your site and you have helped me in making some good plans for this weekend.



Hi Regina,
I’m so excited that you have an amazing weekend planned in San Francisco! There are so many fun Valentine’s Day activities this year, so I’m happy you were able to find some great things to do.

Thank you for the nice comments on my site too. I love doing it for everyone, so am thrilled when I hear it’s helpful!

It’s easy to get from the Marina to Fisherman’s Wharf by bus. I’m going to give you a few options, as there is a little walking to do if you only take one bus.

Crissy Field to Fisherman’s Wharf: One Bus, Quite a Bit of Walking

You are right on this one. You will take the #30 bus to Fisherman’s Wharf from Crissy Field. It does require some walking though.

Pick up the #30 bus on the corner of Chestnut and Divisadero Streets. You want the bus heading east. It should say either downtown or Caltrain on the top. You can also ask the driver to confirm that it is heading toward Fisherman’s Wharf.

Take this bus to the corner of North Point and Hyde Streets. Walk down Hyde Street one block to Beach Street. From there, you have a flat route (by SF standards :) ) over to the Pier 39 area.

Crissy Field to Fisherman’s Wharf: Two Buses, Less Walking

Pick up the #30 bus at the same location (Chestnut and Dividadero). Take it to the corner of North Point and Larkin.

At this stop, you can then pick up the 47, which will take you further into the hotel district for Fisherman’s Wharf. The most popular stop on this route is at North Point and Mason, near the shopping center.

Golden Gate Bridge: #28 for the Walkway and Museum

It’s a steep climb up or down the stairs from Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge. The route is also a little confusing. If you haven’t gone on it before, you might want to consider taking the bus up and/or down.

The SF Muni bus #28 services the Golden Gate Bridge.

Getting Up to the Bridge

If you plan to visit the bridge first, then take the #30 to Chestnut and Laguna Streets. At this stop, transfer to the #28. This will drop you off in the parking lot near the visitor’s center. From here, you can easily access the museum and walkway to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Getting from the Bridge to Fisherman’s Wharf

Pick up the #28 heading toward Fort Mason.

To find this stop, you’ll need to take the walkway under the bridge – ask at the travel center if you have problems finding this stop as it can be tricky to find the right one. Also, confirm the direction for this bus as both #28 buses pick-up in the same spot.

Take this bus to the corner of Chestnut & Laguna. At this same stop, transfer to the #30 heading toward downtown or Caltrain. You can then follow the instructions above.

Note: If you plan on visiting the bridge first, then Crissy Field second, take the #28 down to Richardson Avenue and Francisco Street. From here, you can walk past the Palace of Fine Arts and then over to Crissy Field.

Other Details

The Golden Gate Bridge and Crissy Field are amazing. If you are visiting on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, make sure you also stop by the Fort Point National Historical Site. It’s under the Golden Gate Bridge and has some amazing views looking up at the bridge (learn more here).

There are also some free walking tours over the weekend that you might want to consider. Here is the full list. Some of these are in the Marina District too.

I hope this is helpful. Please add a comment to this page if you have any additional questions.

Have an amazing time in San Francisco!


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