San Francisco Mexican Restaurants: Enjoy Delicious Tacos, Burritos, & Other Specialties

You will find a large variety of San Francisco Mexican Restaurants. They range from casual grab and go options to those with a high-end experience.

A large portion of them are in the Mission District. However, you will find other great options throughout SF including Union Square, the Financial District and South of Market (SOMA).

Read on for my go to places for the best Mexican dishes in San Francisco.

Guacamole dish at a Mexican restaurant in SF.

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1. Californios

Californios is one of the best high-end San Francisco Mexican restaurants. They have a simple menu and use only the best ingredients. I recommend trying out their tasting menu, which includes a variety of dishes all for a single price.

Their food is creative and tasty, and you won't leave hungry. I highly recommend this place for those who love to experiment with their food choices and are not on a tight budget.

Average Price: Average price for the tasting menu is around $100 per person, drinks will run an additional $45 to $50 a person

Address: 3115 22nd Street

District: Mission District

2. El Farolito

On the opposite end of the budget scale, you will find El Farolito. They offer some of the best inexpensive Mexican food in San Francisco. You will find the standard options including tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

They've become so popular that they now have three locations in San Francisco. They are cash only and are open late night.

Average Price: $3.50 to $7.50 for main dishes

Mission #1

Address: 2779 Mission Street

Mission #2

Address: 2950 24th Street

Outer Mission

Address: 4817 Mission Street

3. La Taqueria

Another popular budget friendly Mexican restaurant is La Taqueria. Locals go crazy for anything made here with their carne asada (marinated beef steak). The meat is juicy and has just the right flavors.

They also offer the standard Mexican dishes such as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. They also have a number of great vegetarian options.

Average Price: Less than $8 per dish

Address: 2889 Mission Street

District: Mission

4. Taqueria Vallarta

Taqueria Vallarta is another inexpensive, yet delicious Mexican restaurant in the Mission. They have two locations, and both offer a great variety of standard Mexican dishes. I love this place as they have a wonderful taco bar and some of the freshest salsa in town.

They also cook their meat to perfection, so you will be delighted with almost everything you order. They are also open late night, so it's a great stop after a night out on the town.

Average Price: $3.50 to $7.50 for main dishes


Address: 3033 24th Street

Outer Mission

Address: 4696 Mission Street

5. Tropisueno

Tropisueno is one of the best medium-priced San Francisco Mexican restaurants in the SOMA district. People flock here for their flavorful margaritas and salsas. This place is interesting as it's more of a simple taqueria at lunch, but at night it's a full-service restaurant.

At lunch, you will find the basic tacos, burritos, and nachos. At night, you will find some of the best margaritas and a menu full of specialty items such as a couple of ceviche dishes, Molotes De Elote Y Barbacoa, and Empanadas De Hongos.

Average Price: Lunch menu averages from $7 to $11, the evening menu is from $8.95 to $19.95

Address: 75 Yerba Buena Lane

District: SOMA

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Additional Top San Francisco Mexican Restaurants

6. Garaje: SOMA, 475 3rd Street, $4 to $11 per plate

7. Street Taco: Haight, 1607 Haight Street, $6.45 to $8.50 a dish

8. The Little Chihuahua: Lower Haight, 292 Divisadero, $4.95 to $11.95 per item

9. Nopalito: Lower Haight/Alamo Square, 306 Broderick Street, $7 to $21 per plate

10. Don Pistos: North Beach, 510 Union Street, $8 to $25 per dish

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