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Dance the night away at one of these San Francisco dance clubs. SF night clubs are popular and a great option if you are looking for a fun, energy filled night out on the town.

Dance clubs are a great entertainment option, but there are a lot to choose from in the city. Below you will find recommendations for some of the best one to check out during your stay.

Most of the clubs in the city charge a cover, sometimes up to around $20. They also usually have pretty expensive drinks. If you plan on heading to any club in the city, plan on these additional expenses since it's just part of the club scene.


If you are looking for one of the best, and more original clubs around, then Temple is a must visit while you are in the City by the Bay. Decorated with more than 50,000 LED blubs, you will have your mind blown by both the quality of the sound system and also the immersive experience with everything happening all night long.

There are numerous levels with different styles of music playing. If you want to be out in the crowds, they've got dance floors for that, if you want more privacy, they have booths for that. Temple has pretty much anything you want and is famous for the best djs playing as they travel through the Bay Area.

Temple is only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so make sure to check their calendar. The venue is 21 and over with the dress style being upscale fashionable. Temple is located at 540 Howard Street in the SOMA district.

Shine: Local Favorite with Great DJs

Another one of the smaller San Francisco dance clubs is Shine. This is a local favorite and a great place to spend an evening in San Francisco.

The reason I like this option is because they also have a great selection of DJs. The bartenders are also very friendly and it's just a fun place to hang out.

Don't miss the photo booth in the back of the bar. Shine uploads all of the photos from the booth and posts them on their flicker page. Take some fun photos to share with your friends to remember your night.

Shine posts their daily themes, so you check those out before you go. You can find them here on Shine's website. Overall, this is one of my favorite San Francisco dance clubs. Shine is at 1337 Mission Street in the SOMA district.

Mighty: Great Music Variety

Mighty is another one of the popular night clubs. This place is great because they have a variety of different types of music depending on the night.

It's a medium sized club that is located a little off the beaten path. This makes it popular, but not always crowded.

Mighty also brings in a number of well known DJs. They feature hip hop to house music, just depending on the night. Their sound system is also amazing and one of the best in the city.

This club is in an area where SOMA, the Mission and Potrero meet at 119 Utah Street. Even though it's a little out of the way, it's still one of the best options for a night out on the town.

1015 Folsom: Large Dance Area

Another recommendation for San Francisco dance clubs is 1015 Folsom. If you want great music and space to dance, then this option is for you.

This place is spacious with several levels and different types of music. It gets a little crowded, but not as crowded as many of the other options in the city.

This place also does an amazing job of getting great DJs. They bring in some of the best and they never seem to disappoint.

One of the other things you'll notice about this club is the diversity. You'll find everything from a younger crowd wanting to get some drinks in them to more sophisticated music fans excited to listen to their favorite DJ. Overall, it's an interesting place for a night of dancing.

This club does have a cover change and the drinks are expensive (as with most clubs). You will also want to head over a little earlier in the evening, so you don't have to wait in line too long to get in.

This club is (or course!) at 1015 Folsom Street in the SOMA area. It's easy to access by bus and cab. Parking is a little tough in this neighborhood, so you'll want to take public transportation.

San Francisco dance clubs are a fun way to spend an evening in San Francisco. Although many get crowded, it can still be a lot of fun to let your hair down and dance the night away.

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