San Francisco Beer and Pub Tours

These San Francisco beer and pub tours offer you an inside look at the thriving nightlife scene in SF. Each one offers you a taste of locally crafted drinks and details on the history of the drink and/or location it was created.

San Francisco Beer & Pub tours

In my list of my 6 favorite options, you will find a pub crawl in the North Beach district where you will learn all about the famous beat generation artists that frequented each establishment. You can also head to the Haight-Ashbury District to try locally brewed beers and learn more about the 'Summer of Love' and the dozens of famous people that called this district home over the years.

Read on for more details on each tour so you can find the tour or tours you want to take during your stay.

1. Small-Group Craft Brews and Bike Tour

This tour is a must for anyone that loves both beer and the outdoors. It's a fun way to sample some of San Francisco's top craft brews while you cruise around the city on your bike. 

You will ride through neighborhoods such as SOMA (South of Market Area), Mission District and others depending on the weather and your guide. This tour is the only one in San Francisco that combines cycling in the open air along with checking out local breweries at the same time.

The tour usually lasts about 3-4 hours and is limited in capacity. This ensures you will get a more personalized experience on your journey.

It runs most days of the week.

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2. Anchor Steam Brewery Tour

The Anchor Steam Brewery is one of the most famous San Francisco treats and a must do if you want to experience one of the best of the San Francisco Beer and Pub Tours!

The brewery opened in 1896 and is one of the few in the country that produces the specialty named "steam beer." Steam beer originally was given its name because of how it was brewed back in the day. This beer was made without ice and only on the West Coast of the USA. During this tour, you'll learn about the history of the different locations of the breweries, the current neighborhood, and the brewing experience, and much more.

Anchor Steam Brewing Company

The 1.5-hour brewery tour is given each day and includes a walk around the brewery, information about how Anchor Steam's beer is produced, and also 40 to 45 minutes of tasting at the end of the tour in their gorgeous and classic tasting room. 

Even though Anchor Steam is famous for its steam beer, this tour also gives you a chance to enjoy some of its other beers including some that you've probably never tasted, and ones that aren't available anywhere else but at the brewery. Some of these include fruit infused beers, the always popular IPAs, and seasonal beers that are unique and worth experiencing while on this tour. 

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3. TenderNob Pub Crawl

The Tenderloin is known as one of San Francisco's most diverse and entertaining districts in the whole city. This tour will give you an experience unlike any other as it is a night time tour that is both goofy, spooky, and fun all at the same time.

This 3-hour pub crawl allows you to experience all the nightlife and entertainment that the Tenderloin, known as the "TL" to locals, has to offer. During the tour, you will visit a few pubs to enjoy the drinks and refreshments. You will also learn all about the history of the venue as well as this colorful district.

Highly knowledgeable local tour guides lead you on your adventure. They will make sure you know about all the goings on. They will make you feel like a local as you enjoy your night out on the town.

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4. San Francisco North Beach Pub Crawl

If you haven't been to San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, then this is the pub crawl for you!

This tour is led by a local guide that will tell you all about this interesting district. On this 2.5-hour pub crawl, you will visit famous locations like the Vesuvio Café and other well-known locations. This pub crawl includes one complimentary drink, but you are free to purchase additional drinks throughout the tour. 

Cocktail at Vesuvio

North Beach is also known as "Little Italy" and has loads of Italian restaurants. It is also one of San Francisco's main nightlife districts. It was home to the famous Beat Generation and you will learn quite a bit about them on your journey.

This tour runs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. It leaves at 7pm and ends near Washington Square Park.

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5. Craft Beer Walking Tour in San Francisco's SoMa District

The next tour on our list of the best San Francisco Beer and Pub Tours is this walking tour in the cool South of Market District (often referred to as SOMA).

SOMA Bar Tour at Cellar Maker

This 3.5-hour tour takes you to three microbreweries and/or craft beer bars. At each stop, you will learn all about their beer making process as well as a few secrets about the establishment. Light bites are included to make sure that you can enjoy your tour and feel safe during it.

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6. Hands-On Bitters Making Class and Craft Cocktails Tour

This is one of the San Francisco Beer and Pub Tours where you will be able to both taste great drinks and also learn the art of making them at the same time. 

During this 3-hour guided tour, you will visit three bars, hit a few other locations depending on the weather and the tour guide, and meet bartenders and drink specialists along the way.

The tour starts with a short bitters making class. You will then sample your creations and continue on your craft cocktail tasting adventure. 

This is a small group tour so that the guide can offer a more personalized experience for everyone. This tour usually runs throughout the winter months on Thursday night.

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