Car Service & Limousine San Francisco Airport

Tips for Booking Your Limo or Car Service for SFO

The best option for transferring to the city is by using a car service or limousine from the San Francisco airport. It is hassle free and the most comfortable.

I absolutely love this option since the driver meets you at baggage claim. They will then help you with your luggage and drop you off at the front door of your hotel. There is no better way to get from SFO into the city.

Another great thing is that you pay a set fee - in advance. You will not be charged any extra if you run into traffic or have to take a longer route to your hotel.

By pre-paying, you know exactly how much it will cost you before you get in. There are no hidden fees.

With a taxi, you might run into additional fees with traffic or a drive that takes you on an alternative route. This can make the fees skyrocket before you reach your final destination.

With the personal service, you also don't have to share the ride with others - as you would with an airport shuttle. Only you (and the people in your party) ride in the car. This means you don't have to stop along the way and you get to your hotel as quickly as possible.

Does it seem like taking a car service or limousine from San Francisco Airport would be too expensive? The price is not as bad as you may think.

This option is priced based on the size of car you need. Here are the options:

  • Luxury Sedan: 1 - 3 people
  • Minivan: 4 - 5 people
  • Limo: 6 - 8 people (although you can also choose this option with fewer people)

Here are some estimated total costs for each person based on group size:

  • Luxury Sedan: Costs around $66 total
    • Only around $33 per person with two people in your group
    • Only around $22 per person with three people in your group
    • Compared to a shuttle, this is only a few dollars more per person (~$17 per person for an airport shuttle)

  • Minivan: Costs around $139 total
    • Cost effective with four or five people
    • With four it's around $35 per person
    • With five it's around $28 per person

  • Limo: Costs around $188 total
    • Cost effective with 6 - 8 people
    • With six people its around $32 per person
    • With seven people its around $27 per person
    • With eight people its around $24 per person

As with all US pricing, the estimated prices mentioned above are before taxes and do not include a tip. The prices listed are for trips from SFO to downtown San Francisco. Other routes are available at different rates and all prices are subject to change without prior notification.

The cost is reasonable if you have a few people in your group. Not only is it reasonable - but I think it's the best option for a group of people. Plus, nothing beats the ease of jumping in the car and not having to worry about getting to your hotel.

For some of the links on this page, I receive a small commission when you purchase. You don't pay more when you buy through me and it gives me the chance to offer you all this great content for free!

Booking Details: Car Service or Limo Transfer from SFO to Downtown San Francisco

Interested in Investigating Other SFO Transfer Options?

Airport Shuttle: Although I love using a car service if I'm with a group, when traveling by myself I usually use an airport shuttle. An airport shuttle is a shared ride van that also has the benefits of a fixed price. Read on to learn more about this option and some of the pros and cons of taking an airport shuttle.

Taxi: The great thing about using a taxi is that you don't have to book in advance. However, it is more expensive than most of the other options. It's also not a set fee, so the price will increase if you run into traffic. Read on for some tips on taking a taxi from SFO to San Francisco.

Rental Car: This is a good option if you will be driving a lot during your trip. It's always the last on my list of recommendations, since parking is very expensive in San Francisco. However, if you are traveling around a lot - outside of San Francisco - then this is the perfect option. Here you can also find some ideas on how to save a little money if you are only traveling outside of the city once or twice during your visit.

Shuttle Outside of San Francisco: If you are not staying in San Francisco, you do have some other shuttle options. Here you will find an overview of the shuttle services that will take you over to the east bay, north bay and south bay areas.

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