Sausalito Ferry: Schedule for Fisherman's Wharf & Pier 41 Routes

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Updated: August 31, 2021

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Discover tips for taking the Sausalito Ferry, one of the most popular San Francisco ferries. Find info including the Sausalito ferry schedule for routes to and from Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 41. 

It runs several times a day across the bay. It's a great way to check out this small waterfront town for an hour or two or even spend the night. The terminal drops off in the heart of the action in Sausalito, so you won't need a car when you arrive.

Also, this is the ferry you will use to pick up the shuttle to Muir Woods.

Sausalito Ferry pulling into Pier 41 in Fishermans Wharf

Sausalito Ferry Schedule: Blue and Gold Fleet

There are two Sausalito ferries to and from San Francisco. The first one is run by the Blue and Gold Fleet and picks up ferry passengers at Pier 41 in Fisherman's Wharf near the famed Pier 39.

The Sausalito ferry schedule for Blue and Gold varies by season. Below, you will find the upcoming schedules based on those specific times of the year.

Current Sausalito Ferry Schedule

This is their schedule effective August 31st, 2021. This is for both weekdays and weekends.

Departs from Pier 41

10:15 am

1:15 pm

3:40 pm

5:45 pm

Arrives in Sausalito

11:30 am

2:30 pm

4:40 pm

6:45 pm

Departs Sausalito

11:45 pm

2:50 pm

5:00 pm

7:00 pm

Arrives at Pier 41 in San Francisco

12:15 pm

3:20 pm

5:30 pm

7:30 pm

Note: No ferry service on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year's Day. They will follow a holiday schedule on the day after Thanksgiving and on President's Day.

The weekday Sausalito ferries take a little longer as they will stop a few times along the way. Most of them will take about an hour, so grab your cameras to take some great photos as you cruise to a few different places before you arrive at your destination.

The cost is $13 per adult, one way. The cost is $7.50 one way for both seniors and children ages 5 – 11. 

If you decide to stay the night, you can take a boat back the next day. Your other option for getting back to San Francisco is to take a bus back. They run a little later than the ferries, so it gives you a little more time if you want to stay a little longer.

You can now book your tickets to this SF ferry online in advance of your trip.

Click here for a full list of attractions and things to do in Sausalito.

Sausalito Ferry Schedule: Golden Gate 

The second Sausalito Ferry is operated by Golden Gate. This one picks up and drops off passengers at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. This building is located on the Embarcadero near downtown San Francisco.

Here is their current schedule effective as of of 8/31/2021. These ferries currently run Monday - Friday only.

Departs Sausalito

8:20 am

5:00 pm

Arrives at SF's Ferry Building

8:45 am

5:50 pm (via Tiburon)

Leaves San Francisco's Ferry Building

4:25 pm

6:00 pm

Arrives in Sausalito

4:50 pm

6:30 pm

The cost for this one is $14.00 per adult for a one-way ticket. It is $7 for Children ages 5 – 18, Seniors and Disabled customers per person for a one-way ticket. The ride is free for children 5 and under.

This one takes about 30 minutes for a one-way trip. It also drops off near the shops and restaurants in downtown. They are only a quick 5-minute walk away.

You can also do a round trip ticket with this one, stay the night or take a bus back to the city. There are a number of options, so you won’t get stuck away from the city if that is where you are staying, and you miss the last ride out.

Here are a few hotel recommendations for Sausalito if you decide to stay overnight.

Tips for Taking the Sausalito Ferry

The schedule changes at times, so I’d highly recommend that you check out the latest schedule when booking your ticket. You can either book your ticket online through the Blue and Gold Fleet or Golden Gate. You can also buy a ticket when you arrive.

If you buy your ticket online, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before departure. The time on your ticket is the time it pulls away from the dock, so if you arrive right on time, you still might miss your ride. Leave plenty of time to get there before it departs.

Also, it is pretty chilly along the bay as you are traveling on the Sausalito ferry from San Francisco. You aren't guaranteed a spot inside, so make sure you bring a few layers of clothes to stay warm. It is also fun to sit outside as you get a better view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Terminal in Sausalito

Once you arrive in Sausalito, they will drop you off at Gabrielson Park. This is on the northern side of downtown. 

On the map below, you can see both the terminal drop off and downtown. 

Map of the Sausalito ferry terminal and downtown Sausalito

Once you walk off the boat, you will start to see restaurants and shops right away. Continue to head left and you'll eventually make your way to Bridgeway (the large orange road on the map above). The is the main street that runs through downtown Sausalito.

Sausalito Ferry to Muir Woods Shuttle

The Sausalito ferry is the one you will take when you want to visit Muir Woods on the shuttle. You are now required to book a reservation for the shuttle, so make sure to visit their online system and book your seat before you arrive.

The cost for the shuttle per person is $3.25 for adults and free for kids 15 and under. You will also need to pay for admission into Muir Woods when you arrive.

The Muir Woods shuttle stop near the Sausalito ferry is about 3 blocks away. You will find it on the corner of Bay & Bridgeway. You must also arrive at least 15 minutes before the shuttle is set to depart. 

They have it timed out pretty well, but you will need to watch the time and make sure to arrive for the shuttle time on your tickets.

The shuttles runs just on the weekends during the slower months and daily during the busier summer months. They start taking reservations about three months in advance. Sports sell out quickly, so make sure to get your seat as quickly as possible.

Here are other options to get to Muir Woods from San Francisco.

Hotels Near the Sausalito Ferry

This cute town is a perfect get away. Whether you plan to stay just a night or a week, you will find several hotels right near the Sausalito Ferry. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa: Just a couple of blocks away, this elegant hotel is set inside a 1885 mansion. It's also right on Bridgeway, so you are in the heart of all the restaurants, shops and nightlife. Check guest reviews and prices on

Hotel Sausalito: This hotel is only a couple of blocks from the terminal. It's a bit more affordable and one of the top-rated options in Sausalito. You will find it at 16 El Portal. Find recent reviews and pricing on

The Gables Inn: Another popular option just a couple of blocks away is this quaint hotel at 62 Princess St. Inside, you will find exceptional rooms. They also offer a continental breakfast and an evening wine and cheese reception. Find recent reviews and more details on

Sausalito Ferry from SF

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