Lincoln Park Steps: Tips to Visit this Hidden Gem in San Francisco's Outer Richmond

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The Lincoln Park Steps in San Francisco is a gorgeous staircase with colorfully tiled stairs. They feature lovely designs with colors of blue, yellow, orange and green tiles.

The original concrete stairs date back to the early 1900s. Over the years, they fell into some disrepair and needed a face-lift.

In 2007, the organization Friends of Lincoln Park wanted to make a change. They worked closely with the City of SF and interested donors to get a project approved so they could update and beautify the stairs.

California Street dead ends just after 32nd Street. This is where you will find the stairs. At the top is Lincoln Park which features a golf course, the Legion of Honor, and parts of the Land's End trail.

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More About the Lincoln Park Steps

The Lincoln Park Steps are made up of 52 steps. There are two flights with benches in between the flights and at the top. All sections are covered with stunningly beautiful mosaic tiles.

Here is a view of the entire staircase. It's a little difficult to get a feel for the full design on sunny days.

Lincoln Park Steps Full View

This is a close-up view of the middle of the stairs.

Orange and yellow tiled stairs

This is another close-up view where you can see the details within each step.

Close up view of tiled steps in SF

This is just one of two beautiful benches between the two flights of stairs. There is one on each side of the staircase so you can take a break and just relax when you are visiting this beautiful place.

Yellow and Blue bench on stairs

This is a view from the landing between the two flights. This is the design on the second half of the stairs.

Second flights of the stairs

This is the view from the top. It's facing east and you are looking down California Street toward downtown SF.

The view from the top of the staircase.

The benches at the top are also full of wonderful artwork. Here is a close-up of one section of the benches.

Detail on the benches on the steps in San Francisco

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Best Times to Visit the Lincoln Park Steps

The Lincoln Park Steps are easy to visit all year long. When it's sunny, I try to visit them in the mid-morning so there are fewer shadows on the designs. When it's overcast or foggy, you will get a great view of them because the shadows of the nearby trees allow them to be more vibrant.

The temperatures in this part of SF are usually about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than on the eastern end. The closer you get to the Pacific Ocean, the cooler it becomes in this district. Make sure to bring along some warm clothes if you plan to visit.

You can also learn more about the weather throughout the year by clicking on the links below. Keep in mind this area of the city is always on the cooler end of the ranges provided on each page.













Other Colorful Staircases Around San Francisco

16th Avenue Tiled Stairs: These stairs are some of our most popular. It's a set of 163 stairs with a theme around the stars to the ocean. The most dominant color all the way up and down is a deep blue. It features a sun, moon, and several spiraling waves. You will also see ocean animals and plants throughout its design. It is located in the Inner Sunset District. Learn more here.

Lyon Street Stairs: The Lyon Stairs are used quite a bit by locals in the Pacific Heights District. It's two blocks of stairs starting at Broadway Street. From the top, you get lovely views of the SF Bay and the Palace of Fine Arts. The first section features gorgeously manicured gardens with one of our Hearts of SF at the bottom.

Filbert Street Stairs: The Filbert Street Stairs are also very well known. They run from the Embarcadero up to Coit Tower. Along the way, you will find lovely gardens, flowers, and statues. You can take breaks along the way to admire some of the few Coastal Redwoods in SF as well as some art deco works on nearby buildings.

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How to Get to the Lincoln Park Steps

The easiest way to get to the Lincoln Park Steps is on the 1-California bus. You can pick up this bus in the Financial District, Chinatown, or in Nob Hill. It runs the distance of the city along California Street (and Sacramento and Clay Streets for stops east of Van Ness).

This bus has a stop at 32nd and California, which is right where the street dead ends into the Lincoln Park Steps.

A great option from Union Square is the 38-Geary. You can pick it up at Geary and Stockton and take it to the stop at 33rd and Geary. You will then walk back to 32nd Avenue and north two blocks to California Street. Turn left at the corner of 32nd Avenue and California to find the stairs.

From Fisherman's Wharf, pick up the 28 along Beach Street. Take it to the stop at California Street and Park Presidio Blvd. This is where you will transfer over to the 1 and take it all the way to the stop on 32nd Avenue.

Things to See & Do Nearby

Legion of Honor: The Legion of Honor is a fine arts museum just a short distance away from the Lincoln Park Steps. This museum focuses on European art, antiquities, and a wonderful set of traveling exhibits.

Land's End: The Land's End area runs along the waterfront on the northwestern side of San Francisco. It offers a trail that is set high above the water with gorgeous views all around. The trail is less than a half mile from the Lincoln Park Steps with several up and down sections (and plenty of additional stairs).

China Beach: China Beach is a small beach area in the Seacliff District. It sits in the area where the Pacific Ocean and the SF Bay meet. From this small beach, you will get great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's also not too crowded, so it's a great place to escape the crowds.

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Lincoln Park Steps: Tips to Visit this San Francisco Hidden Gem

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