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Discover My Favorite Pics of Alcatraz & Some Tips to Take Your Own

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You will find several places along the waterfront to take pictures of Alcatraz. You can also get some great photos from the ferry ride, the SF bay cruise and once you arrive for your prison tour.

Over the years, I've visited many times. These are just a few from my collection of Alcatraz photos to give you some ideas on where you can get that perfect picture.

From Fisherman's Wharf

One of the best places to take photos of the island from San Francisco is in Fisherman's Wharf. The island is only a mile away from this waterfront district, so even basic cameras can take some great photos.

I like to head out on one of the piers to get a little closer. You can get photos from Pier 39. You can also walk out along Pier 41 (where the blue and gold ferries leave) for some great, unobstructed views of the island.

The island behind it is Angel Island (learn more about visiting this island).

alcatraz island

You can also get some great photos from Aquatic Park. Here is one from my last visit there. The cement wall you see in the picture surrounds Aquatic Park, but it's easy to clip out. I left it in, so you can see it's not entirely unobstructed from here.

alcatraz island

From the Ferries

You can get some amazing pictures of Alcatraz from the ferry. I like to get them on the way back, where there aren't as many people taking pictures.

These will also be pictures of the southern end of the island.

alcatraz island photos

My favorite way to get some great pictures of Alcatraz is on the Golden Gate Bay Cruise. This ferry ride takes you under the Golden Gate Bridge and on all sides of it.

Here are just a few of my photos of the island from this tour.

western side of alcatraz
On the cruise, you come in from the west. This is the north west side of the island.

northern alcatraz island
This is the northern side of the island.

main cell house on alcatraz
This is the eastern side with the main cell house at the top of the hill. You get really close on this tour, so you can get some great shots.

You will find even more of my photos from my last bay cruise here.

On the Island

Here are several photos from my visits.

alcatraz prison cells
Several prison cell in the main building

inside alcatraz cell
A look inside one of the single occupancy cells

top rows alcatraz cells
A look up at the top two of the three floors of cells

solitary confinement at alcatraz
Two of the solitary confinement cells

visitation area at alcatraz
The visitation area of the prison. On the rare occasions that the prisoners could have visitors, this is where the prisoners would sit and talk to their guests.

outdoor area at alcatraz
The outside grounds where the
prisoners were able to see the outside world.

alcatraz theater
The theater where you can watch a short documentary about the island.

More Alcatraz Pictures & Information About the Prison

alcatraz prisoners
tours of alcatraz
alcatraz history
of The Rock
Prison Tours
History from Its
Beginning to Today

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