Calistoga Weather: Tips on What to Pack for Your Napa Valley Vacation

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Calistoga weather benefits from a dry Mediterranean climate which offers the perfect environment for grapes to grow. It is warm and dry in the summer months. In the winter, it is rainy and cool.

This Napa Valley town is on the northern end of the region, which means temperatures here can be up to 10 to 15 degrees warmer than on the southern end of the region.

July is the warmest month of the year with highs reaching up into the low 90s. The coolest time of the year is in December. Rainy season in Napa runs from November to March with most of the rain falling in December, January, and February.

You will find Napa is a pleasant place to visit throughout the year.

Read on to learn more about what to expect each season and month in Calistoga. You will also find some tips on what to pack during your stay.

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Calistoga Weather in AprilThis is a cloudy day toward the beginning of April. You can see how the rainy season brings out the beautiful green colors throughout the valley.

The Calistoga weather in the spring is mild. It's often warm during the day with cool evening temperatures. It's cooler toward the beginning of the season with temperatures increasing as much as 10 degrees during the day by the time May arrives.

It's a wonderful time to visit. The vines are just starting to bloom, and the rainy season is near an end.


March is the end of the official rainy season in Napa. You will still find rain later in the spring, but the amount drops down quite a bit after March.

Average highs this time of year are in the upper 60s during the day. It dips down into the 50s in the evenings and in the lower 40s overnight. The Calistoga weather averages around 6 inches of rain.

I recommend bringing along a lot of layers. This will allow you to add and remove items as the temperatures change throughout the day. I also recommend long pants or jeans. Most days it's a still a bit too cool for shorts or shorter skirts.

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The Calistoga weather in April starts to warm up a bit. As the rainy season ends, the temperatures start to increase.

Daytime temperatures are around the lower 70s with the overnight lows still dipping down into the lower 40s. The rainfall this time of year is around 2 inches. This allows the buds on the vines to really start to grow.

It's still best to wear layers and longer pants or skirts. Some days will reach in the mid-70s, but there is still a chill in the air most of the day. You will also want a warmer jacket for the evenings since the weather cools off quickly once the sun goes down.

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The temperatures continue to increase in May. The days are almost 10 degrees warmer in May than in April. Highs are around the upper 70s. The overnight lows stay cool with lows in the mid-40s. You will also find only a small amount of rain this month with accumulations around an inch and a half.

This is when you can start bringing along some shorts and skirts. You will find it's a bit cooler toward the beginning of the month with higher than average temps toward the end of the month. You can also pack some sandals for your stay as it will start to feel like summer.

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Balloons over Napa in the late summerThis is early in the morning on a late summer day.

The Calistoga weather in the summer starts to warm up in June. With only traces of rain this time of year, you will find temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s. However, overnight temps stay cool and are often in the lower 50s.


In June, the daytime temperatures reach up to the mid-80s. In the evenings, you will find the temperatures cool off after sunset and are around the 60s. Overnight, they often reach the lower 50s.

Bring along some great summer clothes for the days including sandals, summer dresses or skirts, shorts, and short sleeved shirts. For the evenings, you will need to add a layer or two to stay warm. I recommend packing long pants with closed toe shoes for the evenings. I also bring along a light sweater or jacket to throw on if I plan to be outside after the sun goes down.

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July is the warmest month. The Calistoga weather this time of year offers clear, sunny days with temperatures in the lower 90s. Some days, you will find the temperatures reaches into the mid-to upper 90s with a few days in the mid-80s.

It's still cool at night this time of year. You will find temperatures drop into the 60s in the evenings and overnight lows dip down into the mid-50s.

My recommendations are similar to June. Bring along some great summer wear (don't forget your sunglasses!) for the days and some additional layers for the evenings.

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August is the end of summer and so it is very similar to what you will find in July. The Calistoga weather is in the lower 90s during the day and in the lower 50s at night. It's cool in the mornings and the evenings, so it's best to pack some light sweaters or a jacket to throw over your summer gear to keep you warm.

It's a wonderful time to visit as this is when the grapes are starting to turn colors. You will find many bunches of grapes that are part red or purple with a few green ones mixed in.

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Calistoga Weather in the Fall

Ripe fall leaves and wine grapesThe colors in the vineyards are gorgeous this time of year.

My favorite time to visit this region is during the fall months. September and October are the heart of harvest. The region is buzzing with activity and it's the best time to get pictures of the region.


September is my favorite time to visit Napa Valley. The Calistoga weather this time of year offers warm, sunny days with temperatures in the upper 80s. It's a bit warmer at the beginning of the month and a bit cooler toward the end of the month.

The overnight lows are cool with temperatures dipping down into the upper 50s. There is still little rain this time of year.

I recommend summer clothes toward the beginning of the month. Pack more layers (light sweaters or jackets) if you plan to visit later in the month.

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October is another great month to visit. The leaves have all turned colors and there are still a lot of harvest activities. The Calistoga weather warms up into the upper 70s during the first part of the month with temperatures in the mid to lower 70s toward the end of the month.

The evenings start to cool off even more with overnight lows back into the mid-40s. There is a little rain, about two inches, which allows the region to start to cool down.

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November is the start of the rainy season. It also usually marks the end of the harvest season.

As the rain increases, the temperatures decrease. Highs are in the lower to mid-60s with about 5 inches of rain throughout the month.

The lows continue to cool off with the average overnight lows around 40 degrees.

Even though there is still a lot of sunshine this time of year, you will start to see more cloudy days. You will want to bring along warmer clothing including long pants or jeans. I also recommend closed toe shoes such as canvas or athletic shoes this time of year.

For the evenings, you will want to have something a bit warmer such as a medium weight sweater or jacket.

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Calistoga Weather in Winter

Napa weather in JanuaryAn overcast day in mid-January. Even though it was cool, we still had a picnic outside for lunch.

Winter is the rainy season. However, I love visiting this time of year as the wineries are not as full of visitors. Also, the staff is more relaxed since they don't need to worry about tending the vines or working the fields this time of the year. It's quiet and you will get a more personalized service at most wineries.

Rain accumulation each month in the winter is around 8 inches.

It's the perfect time to visit for those that want to really learn more about the wines and the region.


December offers the coolest temperatures each year. With a large amount of rain, you will find temperatures barely reaching 60 degrees most days. It's also really cool at night with overnight lows in the mid-30s.

Bring along warm clothing including long sleeved shirts and long pants. Jeans are also permitted at all of the wineries. You'll also want closed toe shoes to keep your toes warm during the day and at night.

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January isn't much warmer than December. You will still find temperature only reaching highs around 60. The nights are also similar with lows in the mid-30s.

The Calistoga weather doesn't often bring snow. It has to be just the right temperature on a rainy day. You will find frosty mornings, but very little snow. And, if you do see any, it will be just a dusting of snow, as it isn't very common to get much accumulation. And, if it does snow, you will find that it burns off really quickly once the sun rises.

Bring along items that will keep you warm such as long pants or skirts. You will also want longer sleeved shirts and sweaters. I still bring along items I can layer this time of year. You will find it's really cool in the mornings and evenings, but comfortable during the days.

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The Calistoga weather in February is just a little warmer than December and January, but not by much. You will find some days starting to reach into the mid-60s with most days in the lower 60s. The overnight lows start to increase a little with lows in the upper 30s.

I recommend warm clothing and layers. Long pants, jeans, and sweaters are the best this time of year. I also like flat shoes such as canvas and athletic shoes. They allow my feet to stay warm and dry. You will also be standing a lot for wine tasting, so they will keep your feet from getting too tired.

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