Monterey Weather: What to Wear by Season and Month

Monterey weather is mild all year long. The average high is the 60s most of the year with lows around 50 each night.

Make sure to pack plenty of layers for your stay, as we don't get the warm sunny days here that are usually associated with California. The weather in this part of the state is still very mild as the cool ocean breezes and fog this far north control the temperatures.

This keeps them comfortable, but cool.

Monterey Weather

September is the warmest time of year with highs up to 70 during the day. Both December and January are the coolest with highs in the upper 50s.

Rainy season in the Monterey Bay Area runs from November to March. You will find traces of rain the rest of the year, but very little accumulation in terms of inches or centimeters.

The cool, yet comfortable temperatures make Monterey a great place to visit throughout the year.

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What to Pack for Monterey Weather

With cool temperatures all year long and moderate humidity, you will find that you will need to pack for the changing weather during your stay. It's cool and breezy most mornings, so you'll need something a little warmer like a light jacket, windbreaker or light sweater or a combination of those.

As the day progresses, it will warm up a little which means you can remove a layer or two and still be comfortable. At night, it cools down quickly, which means you will most likely need to add another layer to stay warm.

I typically wear a short-sleeved shirt with a light sweater. I will then layer those with a light to medium jacket depending on the time of year. That gives me plenty of options to add and remove pieces to stay warm or cool down.

Most places here are casual, so unless you have a fancy dinner or night on the town planned, you can pack simple, relaxed items for your stay. I also recommend wearing comfortable shoes as you will most likely do plenty of walking around as there is so much to see and do here.

Should you bring a bathing suit for the beach? Most of the beaches here are beautiful and you will find a handful of people soaking in the sun. However, with temperatures usually hovering around the mid-60s, you will find most days are too cool for bathing suit weather.

I highly recommend spending time at our beaches but bring along some items to stay warm. The water here is also quite cool with temperatures usually in the 50s or possibly lower. So, even if it is a little warmer outside, the water is usually too cool for just a bathing suit.

If you do want to swim, you can pick up a wet or dry suit at any of the local diving stores around Monterey.


Spring is a wonderful time to visit as everything is green from the winter rainy season. You will find the Monterey weather this time of year in the lower 60s with very little rain in the forecast.

Clear Spring Day in Monterey


The Monterey weather in April is usually in the lower 60s during the day. The average high is 62 this month and the average low dips down to the mid-40s. You will find a little rain this time of year. The average rainfall is about an inch and a half.

Although we have outdoor festivals throughout the year, this is the time of the year when you will find an increase in festivals and outdoor activities as the spring starts to bring the Monterey area to life.

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By May, the rain has almost completely stopped. We get less than an inch, so you might encounter a little drizzle one day, but not too much.

It warms up just a little from April with the average high at 63 and the average low at 48.

May is when the festival calendar really heats up with my top picks being the California Roots Music & Arts Festival, Salinas Valley Fair, and the Carmel Art Festival.

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The Monterey weather in summer offers a great escape from the hot and humid temperatures throughout a lot of the US. Due to the ocean breezes, temperatures are in the mid-60s and there is almost no rain this time of year.

Clear Day at the Monterey Bay


The average temperatures in June are about two degrees warmer than May. The highs are in the mid-60s. The temps dip down to about 50 at night. Don't forget to pack a light jacket and some long pants for this time of year!

You will also find basically no rain in June with the average of about one-quarter of an inch.

You will find a lot of fun things to do in Monterey in June including the Monterey Wine Festival, Castroville Artichoke Festival, and Carmel Valley Art & Wine Celebration. It's also a fun time to head out on the water for a cruise or to do some whale watching.

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July warms up a little more. The Monterey weather this month offers average highs around 66 and lows just above 50. You will most likely not encounter any rain during the month of July.

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The Monterey weather in August continues to heat up just a little more. You will find this is one of the busier times of the year as most people visiting are trying to escape the heat of the summer in other areas of the country.

The highs in August reach up to around 68 degrees. The lows make it cool at night and hover just above 50 degrees. Even though it's summer, don't forget to pack a sweater or jacket for your stay so you can sit outside on our gorgeous summer evenings.

Top things to do this month include shopping along Cannery Row, checking out the exotic cars during Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and heading to the Monterey County Fair in late August.

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Fall is my favorite time of the year. This is when things start to slow down a bit, but the temperature is the best. This is the warmest time of the year and we have very little rain this season.

Oktoberfest in the Fall


September is usually the warmest month in Monterey. The highs break out of the 60s and reach 70 degrees most days. You will find it a bit warmer in early September with cooler temperatures toward the end of the month.

At night, our temperatures still dip down into the mid-to lower 50s. So, early in the month they will be closer to mid-50s and toward the end of the month they will be closer to the lower 50s.

September is the perfect time to get out on the water. This time of year, both the humpback and blue whales continue their migration through the area. You will also find lots of fun festivals and outdoor activities.

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In October, the Monterey weather begins to cool down again. Early in the month, you will find a few days in the lower 70s, but most start to dip back into the upper 60s. The average high this month is around 68, with warmer days at the start of the month and cooler days toward the end of the month.

Later in the month is the official start to our rainy season, although we still only average about an inch of rain in October.

Not only is the weather perfect this month, but it's the time of year when the monarch butterflies start to return to the area for mating season. You will find the largest concentration around the Pacific Grove Butterfly Sanctuary.

Some of the best events this month include the Monterey History Fest, Point Sur Lighthouse Halloween Tours, and plenty of other Halloween fun.

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The winters here are also mild. This is the time of year when you will find the coolest temps. It's also our rainy season, which means most months get between 3 to 4 inches throughout the year. The rain is often a light mist, so as long as you bring along some light rain gear, you will have no problems still enjoying many of our outdoor activities.

Winter Soup in Monterey

You will also find some great indoor activities here on those days when it's too rainy or cool to be outside for too long.

Tourism during this time is also slower, which means less waiting in line and more access to some of the best Monterey attractions.


In November, the Monterey weather offers cool, breezy and sometimes rainy days. The temperatures toward the beginning on the month are in the mid-60s and cool down to around the high 50s and low 60s toward the end of the month.

The evenings also cool off quite a bit with the incoming rainy season. Nights will be in the lower 50s to upper 40s throughout the month.

This is the time of year when events start to move inside although you will still find several fun outdoor activities. Some of my favorites this month include the Big Sur Food & Wine Festival, Monterey Bay Half Marathon, and TaylorMade Pebble Beach Invitational.

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December & January

December and January offer similar weather. They are the two coolest months of the year. Temperatures during the day for both months hover around 58 degrees. The evenings cool off to around the mid-40s.

The rainy season really starts to take off during this time of year also. January is rainier than December. In December, we usually get about 3 and a half inches of rain with up to four and half inches in January. January is the rainiest month of the year in the Monterey area.

Make sure to bring along some light rain gear to stay dry, so you can still enjoy the outdoors.

My favorite things to do these months include the family-friendly New Year's Eve in Monterey, Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, and Whalefest! at the Monterey Fisherman's Wharf.

Even though it's cool and a little rainy this time of year, I find it's the best time to go whale watching. This is when the gray whales are making their way through the area during their migration south after mating season in Alaska. You will find a lot of boats on the water searching for whales throughout the season. It also may not be as busy as the other seasons, even though there is still so much to do here.


Rainy season is still here throughout the month of February. However, the temperatures start to warm up a little bit.

We get about four inches throughout the month. Temperatures sit at around 60 during the day and cool down into the mid-40s at night. It's cool and a little rainy here this time of year, but it's a nice break from the cold weather in most of the rest of the country.

This is also a busy time in the Monterey Bay Area with the annual AT&T Pro Am Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach. This is where both professional golfers and many famous celebrities descend on Pebble Beach to show off their golfing skills. There is plenty do to in the area for everyone that wants to attend it.

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The Monterey weather in March continues to warm up a bit. It's the official end to our rainy season with about three and a half inches of rain throughout the month.

The highs in March are in the lower 60s. It still cools down quite a bit at night with the temperature hovering around 45 degrees. You will find that it's usually rainier and cooler toward the beginning of the month with a slight warm up and less rain toward the end of the month.

My favorite events in March include Jazz Bash by the Bay, Saint Patrick's Day activities, and the Carmel Jewish Film Festival.

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