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San Francisco Theater & Best of Broadway

Calendar of San Francisco Shows for 2017

The San Francisco theater has hundreds of shows every year. With more than a dozen theaters in SF, you will find a wide variety of shows from dramas to comedies.

You can choose to see a performance at one of the larger theaters such as the Orpheum with popular shows such as Hamilton, Finding Neverland, and The Lion King. You can also catch a show in a smaller, more intimate theater, such as the SF Playhouse in Union Square.

Top Broadway Shows

Curious Incident of the Dog
Roman Holiday
Curious Incident of the
Dog in the Night-Time
Hamilton Roman

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  • 2/22 - 4/23: John at the Strand, Full price $25-$70, Goldstar $15-$42*

  • 3/17 - 4/23: Everything That's Beautiful at the New Conservatory Theater, Full price $40-$45, Goldstar: $20-$22.50*

  • 5/25 - 6/24: Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night at the Custom Made Theatre, Full price $25-$42, Goldstar $12.50-$37.80*

*A small service fee will apply at check out.

Tickets to Top Upcoming Shows

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Event Calendars by Month

Are you looking for additional events during your stay in San Francisco? Click the links below for the full event calendars for each month.

Event Calendars
January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December

Best of Broadway & Other Shows by Month

Click on the links below for more information about each San Francisco theater performance including ticketing information.

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017

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Top Performances: Details

The following list of San Francisco theater performances include top Broadway hits such as The Lion King, Hamilton, and Wicked.

Into the Woods

Into the WoodsDates: March 7 - April 2, 2017

Location: Golden Gate

Tickets: On sale for all dates

This Tony Award-winning musical classic has been reinvented into a wild and witty, one-of-a-kind production of Into the Woods.

The wolf, the witch, and the giant in the sky all boast incredible stage presence as they bring to life dazzling songs like "Children Will Listen" and "No One Is Alone."


HamiltonDates: 3/10 - 8/5

Tickets: On sale for all dates

Location: Orpheum

From March - August, SHN Theater will welcome the acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton as the anchor of their 2016-2017 season.

See the remarkable story of Alexander Hamilton—political great, sex scandal, war hero, and all—as you've never seen or heard it before.

The Encounter

The EncounterDates: 4/25-5/7

Location: Curran

Tickets: On sale soon

The Encounter is a solo act, directed and performed by Simon McBurney, which takes you on an epic journey into the depths of the Brazilian Amazon in 1969, where National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre finds himself lost. The play uses a unique setup in which all the audience members have their own headphones that immerse them in the experience with groundbreaking sound design.

Roman Holiday

Roman HolidayDates: May 24 - June 18, 2017

Location: Golden Gate

Tickets: On sale for all dates

Don't miss the pre-Broadway premier of this musical based on the Academy Award-winning film and featuring classic Cole Porter songs. Fall in love with the story of a young princess yearning to escape her fancy diplomatic life and an American reporter who suddenly turns from covering the royal family to covering up the girl's escape. Follow their 24-hour adventure and discover with them the magic of Rome and the promise of love.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Curious IncidentDates: June 27 - July 23, 2017

Location: Golden Gate

Tickets: On sale for all dates

One of the most anticipated arrivals to SF theater this year, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, based on the best-selling novel, has won five Tonys, including Best Play. In this one-of-a-kind production, you get to watch the mystery of a neighbor's murdered dog unfold, told from the perspective of an autistic boy.

Other San Francisco Theater Productions

The following San Francisco theater shows are on smaller stages throughout the city.


JohnDates: February 22 - April 23, 2017

Location: Strand Theater

Tickets: On sale

From Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Baker, this modern ghost story is truly haunting. A couple, Jenny and Elias, wind up at an old bed-and-breakfast in Ghettysburg, and soon begin to wonder why the place is so unsettling. Could it be the ghosts of the Civil War dead, the creepy smiling dolls in the rooms, or the landlady who switches their room, warning them that "the Jackson Room can be a little temperamental"?

Noises Off

Noises offDates: March 21 - May 13, 2017

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale

Get ready to laugh with this comedy, which depicts the hilarious backstage chaos that ensues as a second-rate theatrical troupe rehearses a flop called "Nothing On." This presentation is a revival of Michael Frayn's classically comic play, which has been called the "funniest farce ever written."

The Roommate

The RoommateDates: May 23 - July 1, 2017

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale

Meet two "bad-ass" 50-something women--practical Sharon from Iowa, and Bronx-born vegan Robyn--and join them in their journey confronting aging, identity, and isolation. You may just learn that second chances are possible, and at the same time great laughter can accompany transformation.

Needles and Opium

Needles & OpiumDates: March 30 - April 23, 2017

Location: Geary Theater

Tickets: On sale

In this true piece of theatrical art, visionary director Robert Lepage creates stunning imagery with the set inside a vast suspended cube, which then frames interlocking scenes from two deep and heartbreakin journeys. Those two stories are of jazz great Miles Davis, seeking pleasure, creativity and heroin in Europe, and French filmmaker Jean Cocteau, chasing opium in New York.


battlefieldDates: April 26 - May 21, 2017

Location: Geary Theater

Tickets: On sale

Legendary director Peter Brook has come back to present a new interpretation and staging of the Indian epic The Mahabharata, which he first adapted thirty years ago. The play tells the story of a new king who, reflecting upon the bloodshed that has won him the crown, struggles to find tranquility amidst war and destruction. With beautiful imagery, this theatrical production transcends the millennia with striking connections to the present day.

You Mean to Do Me Harm

You Mean Me No HarmDates: June 6 - July 1, 2017

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale

Watch the world premiere of Christopher Chen's You Mean to Do Me Harm, exploring the psychological struggle of Chinese and American foreign relations. This conflict comes to life at a dinner between two interracial couples, when an innocuous comment escalates to surreal Cold War-like paranoia.

Here Lies Love

Here Lies LoveDates: Begins June 2017

Location: Geary Theater

Tickets: On sale soon

Don't miss this incredible theatrical collaboration between David Byrne of Talking Heads and award-winning music producer Fatboy Slim. Here Lies Love is a visionary musical featuring the story of Imelda Marcos, a country girl-turned-dictator's consort who was famous for controversy and karaoke.

La Cage Aux Folles

la-cageDates: July 12 - September 16, 2017

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale

This renowned musical, which has won 6 Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Score, is coming to San Francisco! The musical is based on a French-Italian play and film, but the Broadway presentation really lights up the stage with the flair of French Cabaret and fantastic music that invites the audience to celebrate love and romance.


ZenithDates: August 15 - September 8, 2017

Location: SF Playhouse

Tickets: On sale

Influenced by the almost daily bombardment of media reports on yet more unspeakable acts, this rich and daring play by Kirsten Greenidge unravels the complex threads of one life that suddenly ends. It begs us to ask if we can ever really comprehend the reach of another person.

Ongoing Theater Performances

Beach Blanket Babylon

beach blanketAll shows are 21+ unless noted.

Learn More: Beach Blanket FAQs and Ticketing Details

Buy Tickets: Buy Your Tickets Today on Viator

Join the cast of Beach Blanket Babylon for a crazy and zany evening of song, dance and pop culture comedy. Every night in North Beach, you get the chance to catch a performance of this long running musical comedy.

> SF Theater

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